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Home Study Program

What You Will Learn


You'll learn the importance of "Mindset" when you're starting this business. You will learn how to think about success, about Real Estate, about Marketing, and about consistency and persistence. You'll learn what to say to prospects and leads.

how to get deals and how to speak to sellers

You'll learn how to start marketing without spending a lot of money. How to speak to sellers and determine who is serious about selling their house or not. You'll learn how to overcome objections and how you should make offers.


You'll know how to fund your deals, where to get the money, and how to build a Cash Buyers list. You'll learn the many different ways to make money off the deal. You'll learn what happens at the closing. And what you should be doing with the money.

How Much It Costs

1 Payment


All your questions about Flipping or Wholesaling will be answered

3 Payments


Billed monthly over three months


" After meeting him, everything started to come together very quickly and that growth became exponential over time. We got to a point where we were doing business I thought we'd never be able to do."



See Below For All Mini-Course Topics



One Mini-Course of your choice



Three Mini-Courses and one free Mini-Course

If you need help in one specific area, our Mini-Courses are perfect for you. Choose which Mini-Course best suits you!

seller lead follow-up

- Get to learn how to properly follow up with sellers and why it's important to land a deal

- What you must say and must not say during the follow up

- How to automate your follow up, how frequently you should do it, and the tools you can use

seller appointment

- Understand the goal and importance of following up with sellers

- What you should be doing before, during, and after an appointment

- Learn the right words to say during the appointment

estimating repairs

- Learn how to properly estimate repairs and what kind of repairs you should and shouldn't focus on

- You'll know when you should get permits to have the repairs and when you shouldn't
- How you can find good contractors and how you should deal and manage these contractors

hiring and outsourcing

- Learn how and where to find people and what you should do before you hire them

- Discover which positions you can outsource and the difference of hiring US employees vs Foreign VAs

- You'll learn how to properly interview and compare candidates


- Learn the goal of texting and why you should also try this marketing channel

- Is texting going away?

- Learn what tools work best for texting and how to properly capture Lead's info

- Create initial texts and quick responses


- Learn effective ways you can use cold calling to find motivated sellers

- Why you should use cold calling as a marketing channel

- Know the tools you should start using

- What you should be saying on the call and the goal of cold calling

direct mail

- Learn why you should use direct mail as a marketing channel and who you should send it to

- Discover what kind of postcard you should use and what the message should be

- Know how frequently you should send it, what to do after you receive their responses, and how to deal with angry people

Making offers

- You'll learn what an offer is, why it's important to ALWAYS make an offer, and how to calculate an offer they can't refuse

- Get to know how you can make a verbal offer and why you should send an offer in writing

- How you can keep track on properties you made an offer on and how to follow up on those offers


" Michael really helped me through the whole process because I didn't know how to figure a deal. He helped me with the negotiation and I didn't have the funds to close on a property so I really couldn't  have done it without the right people around me."


Seller Scripts Micro Course



- Learn the difference between outbound and inbound scripts

- Which scripts to use and when to use it

- Learn how to analyze the script and why it works


" One of the more straightforward and informative courses I've ever taken. Thank you for that and I look forward to doing more deals with you."



The Home Study Program will teach you what to do, Coaching will show you how to do it. Click the Button below for more information.


" It was definitely going to benefit me a lot to take it. I took it and it was stuff that he hadn't even talked about...Just a lot of detailed information from the course. Step-by-step on what you needed to do."


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" Ever since I've met him, he's been so helpful, he's been answering all my questions, he still, to this day, answers all my questions. We recently just closed a deal for almost $60,000, that was our first deal together."


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